Tai Chi


TAI CHI (also called tai chi chuan) and Qigong are the Chinese gifts to the world, nurturing health and well-being. Tai chi was originally developed as a martial art in China centuries ago and from there it has spread all over the world in the slow, relaxing form seen today.


It combines slow, deep, abdominal breathing and relaxation, together with flowing body movements and mind focus to increase the flow of chi (intrinsic energy) throughout the body; these aspects of Tai chi set it apart from other forms of exercise.


Practising Tai chi will help you to


                                                           MAINTAIN AN INNER CALM


                                                           REDUCE STRESS AND TENSION


                                                           IMPROVE YOUR RELAXATION SKILLS


                                                           DEVELOP CONCENTRATION AND FOCUS


                                                           IMPROVE MOVEMENT AND FLEXIBILITY


                                                           REDUCE STRAIN ON THE CARDIO-VASCULAR SYSTEM


                                                           STRENGTHEN BONES AND JOINTS


Tai chi is suitable for all ages and abilities, male and female. It is commonly performed as a low-impact exercise which will not put excess pressure on your bones and joints. It is ideal for inactive older people wishing to raise their activity levels gently. Many Tai chi movements can also be adapted for people with a disability, including wheelchair users.


For people aged 65 and over, Tai chi can


                                                           REDUCE STRESS


                                                           IMPROVE POSTURE, BALANCE AND GENERAL MOBILITY


                                                           INCREASE MUSCLE STRENGTH IN THE LEGS


                                                           REDUCE THE RISK OF FALLS



There is a Tai chi class in Southfield Centre every Tuesday from 3pm to 4pm (except when we break for the summer). So why not give it a try? The teacher is JOHN WILSON who has over 30 years in Martial Arts training, including Tai chi and Qigong.


Contact him by telephoning                 07974 533 127


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