Terms and Conditions of Let



The following is a summary of the conditions of let; the full version is available from the Caretaker.


Rooms must be left in a clean and tidy condition; extra cleaning charges may be levied where cleaning requires more than normal working time. Similarly, hirers are responsible for meeting the costs of any damage done to the centre, its fittings and its furniture.


Hirers must adhere to the fire safety regulations by ensuring that all evacuation procedures are in place and understood and that appropriately qualified persons are on duty before and throughout the let.


The responsible person present during a let for a youth group (under 16 years of age) must be PVG registered.


Hirers are responsible for any equipment or property brought into the centre being in a safe condition and compliant with relevant safety regulations; centre staff have the right to exclude any non-compliant items. In addition, all electrical items must be PAT tested.


Smoking and vaping are not permitted in the centre.


No animals (other than guide dogs) may be brought into the centre without the prior consent of the Management Committee.


Hirers must ensure that all licences and permissions appropriate to the let are in place prior to the commencement of the let; otherwise, the let may be cancelled.


The Management Committee may refuse any booking which it considers to be unsuitable.


All users have the right to complain to the centre Management Committee and to the Live Borders Trust; a copy of the complaints procedure is available from the centre Caretaker.


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