Rooms at Southfield Centre

Southfield was built in 1857 as a residential villa for a well-to-do Victorian. It has since spent time as a hospital for wounded soldiers of the Great War, a hostel for girls attending the original high school and finally as local government offices before it was converted to a community centre.


There are five rooms of various sizes which can be hired - three on the Ground Floor and two on the First Floor. Please note that there is no lift - the First Floor is stairs access only.


GROUND FLOOR        Room 1

GROUND FLOOR        Room 2

GROUND FLOOR        Room 3


FIRST FLOOR             Room 4

FIRST FLOOR             Room 8


CLICK on the room numbers to the left for details of each room.


There is wi-fi access throughout the building. The password (which is changed regularly) can be obtained from the Caretaker.

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