Southfield User Groups


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ALCOHOLICS                       Friday                                             7.30pm-9pm




BOOGIE BOUNCE                Monday                                      6.30pm-7.30pm

                                          Wednesday                                 6.30pm-7.30pm




BORDERS HEALTH &           Thursday                                             1pm-4pm




BORDER LINKS                    Monday                                             10am-3pm

                                           Wednesday                                        10am-3pm

                                           Thursday                                           10am-3pm



CITIZENS ADVICE                Tuesday                                            10am-4pm

BUREAU                              Wednesday                                        10am-1pm



DUNS CAMERA                    Tuesday                                    7.30pm-9.30pm

CLUB                                   (Break for Summer)



DUNS TODDLERS                 Tuesday (Term Time)              9.15am-11.15am

                                            Friday (Term Time)                 9.15am-11.15am



GIRLGUIDING DUNS             Term Time Only

(Brownies/Guides/              (See page to left for contact details)




IN STITCHES                         Tuesday                                           2pm-4pm



NEEDLES & NATTERS            Thursday                                          2pm-4pm



NEW HORIZONS                    Tuesday                                    10am-12 noon  



PAINTING CLASS                   Wednesday                                       2pm-4pm

                                             (Break for Summer)



TAI CHI                                 Tuesday                                            3pm-4pm

                                             (Break for Summer)



TREFOIL GUILD                     Monday - first in month                    7pm-9pm

(Adult Guiding)                    Monday - third in month                   2pm-4pm

                                            (Break for Summer)



U3A ART & CRAFT                Wednesday - first and third               2pm-4pm

                                             in month



U3A BOOK GROUP 3              Friday - second in month            2pm-4.30pm

(Crime & Detective)



U3A CONVERSATIONAL         Tuesday - second and fourth     10am-12noon

SPANISH                                 in month



U3A LATIN & CLASSICAL       Tuesday - third in month                  2pm-4pm

STUDIES (Beginners)



U3A LATIN & CLASSICAL       Tuesday - first in month                   2pm-4pm

STUDIES (Improvers)



U3A LOCAL HISTORY            Wednesday - fourth in month           2pm-4pm



U3A MIDDLE EASTERN          Monday - first and third        9.30am-12.30pm

STUDIES                                in month (starts December)




                                            In addition to the above regular user groups,

                                            there are approximately 15 other groups which

                                            use the Centre on an irregular or occasional


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