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The next Management Committee meeting will take place in the Centre on MONDAY 20 JANUARY 2020 at 6.30pm.


The purpose of this meeting is to consider Live Borders' draft proposals for the future management of community centres, particularly the new constitution and pricing structure.






At our Management Committee meeting last night (02 December), there was some very useful preliminary discussion of Live Borders' draft plans for how community centres will be managed in future.


User group representatives have now been e-mailed the full versions of the draft new constitution and draft new pricing policy, together with a couple of other relevant documents. This should allow representatives to ponder the proposed changes and consult members of their groups.


Live Borders have set the end of January as a deadline for responses to these proposals. A Management Committee meeting will therefore be arranged for next month to formulate that response.


In the meantime, it is important to stress that these are DRAFT proposals at present. The new structure for the management of community centres will be determined by these drafts AND the responses of centre users.












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