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Kirsteen Ramsay, Community Centres Liaison Officer, has issued further guidance with regard to community centres resuming activities.


It is stressed again that centres will not re-open any time before January 2021 'at the earliest'.


Discussions around the new room hire charges and management structures for centres will continue during the current closure in hopes that they can be resolved before centres re-open.


[NOTE : we submitted a substantial response from Southfield in March and it was sent again to Kirsteen a couple of weeks ago; responses to the Secretary's recent request for thoughts from user groups show that at least a few groups are unlikely to re-start if the revised pricing levels are applied.]


Live Borders will provide Covid risk assessments and procedures for centres before each re-opens. Support will be given to centre user groups which will be required to undertake their own similar risk assessments.


Each centre will be deep-cleaned before opening. The logistics of this are currently being considered since some centres currently have essential users in them.





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