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MARCH 2023



The next Management Committee Meeting will take place in the centre on Wednesday 29 March 2023 at 6.30pm.


In the meantime, work has proceeded on repairing the fence around the children's play area, one of the projects on this year's development plan. The front section of the fence, alongside the car park, has been completely replaced, a new pedestrian gate has been added near the apple trees and other parts of the fence have been repaired as necessary. The work was carried out by Grant Morrison Stonecraft and Landscaping of Kelso and the end result is shown in the picture above.








The centre's development plan for 2022-2023 includes a number of enhancement projects suggested by user groups :



Repairs and refurbishment to the children's outdoor safe play area (shown above) - the first step will be to fix the perimeter fence and provide a second gate. The play area is a particular asset for the Duns Toddlers group which uses the centre twice every week.



Development of a disabled access garden - part of the grass strip against the wall at the end of the car park will be developed, most probably by providing a tarmac area on which planters can be set out. This project was suggested by Border Links which uses the centre on three days every week.



Refurbishment and replacements to the centre's fabric and furniture - new easy chairs have been provided in Room 1 and the kitchen utility area has recently been laid with new vinyl. Work has proceeded over the summer to refresh paintwork, especially in communal areas. Work has been done to improve the centre's wifi provision.



The above projects will be financed, as far as possible, from income derived from room hire charges and group affiliation fees - investing the money paid by user groups back into the centre.



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