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Southfield Community Centre remains closed while the country sits in Phase 3 of the staged recovery from lockdown; venues such as Southfield cannot be considered for opening before we enter Phase 4.


Ewan Jackson (Chief Executive, Live Borders) has therefore clarified that, as things stand at present, community centres will not be re-opening any time before the end of October. Even that timing is only provisional since it will depend on the national situation and Live Borders' resources. Since every centre is different, individual plans will also need to be made for hygiene and social distancing.


When Southfield eventually re-opens, it may be that some user groups will not consider the time to be right for starting up again, given such considerations as the age profile or vulnerability of their members and the activities which they pursue. Other groups may well be keen to get going again. We cannot judge what the balance will be until we have a clearer target date for opening up. John, our caretaker, remains on furlough.


A few community centres may currently seem 'open' but this is only for nurseries, other early learning provision or key users.






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